[CentOS] Uniprocessor kernel booted after YUM update

Hilliard, Jay Jay.Hilliard at disney.com
Tue Sep 20 17:07:44 UTC 2005

I'd recommend comparing the BIOS versions with something like:
"dmidecode | grep -A4 BIOS" to see if there's a correlation between the 
ones that got the UP kernel instead of the SMP kernel.

> It happened to me too.  I figured I was the one made an error and 
> manually fixed the "broken" ones.  Mine were a mixture of HT-enabled 
> P4's (which would normally run the smp kernel) and some dual opteron 
> machines.  These are all rack servers configured identically so I'm not 
> sure what triggered the behaviour in some of them without affecting them 
> all.  Wierd.


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