[CentOS] ThinClients: Java Appletes and JavaScript

Preston Crawford me at prestoncrawford.com
Wed Sep 21 19:14:00 UTC 2005

On Wed, 21 Sep 2005, Todd Cary wrote:

> Has there been any Blogs or other discussions about Java Applets vs 
> JavaScript?  If appears (and I stress "appears") that JavaScript is getting 
> the attention due to Googles use of AJAX and Java Applets do not have the 
> same popularity.
> The reason I ask is that I have contemplated trying my hand at some Applets 
> for my client as well as using some inline Java in Web pages.
> Any references are appreciated.....

As Mike said there definitely is a restriction in many shops against 
either scripting or Applets. I would imagine, though, over the long haul 
that scripting is a safer bet. AJAX is picking up steam. I plan on working 
with it soon. A good place to see it put to use is in the latest Linux 
Format (the one that talks about Debian on the cover) they talk about 
AJAX and reference some websites.

There are many sites that make use of Ruby On Rails along with AJAX. So 
searching for those terms might yield something useful. I think the proof 
is in the fact that companies like Google are going the AJAX route, 
personally. There's a book coming out on AJAX soon (I think next month). 
That might be worth checking out.

Resources are thin, but I think it's a better bet, personally.


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