[CentOS] ThinClients: Java Appletes and JavaScript

Mike McCarty mike.mccarty at sbcglobal.net
Wed Sep 21 19:37:49 UTC 2005

Todd Cary wrote:
> Mike -
> I too have Java off for the same reasons (I had a virus inserted into my 
> system do to Java), but with both Java and JavaScript off, then Userside 
> enhanced Web based apps cannot run...correct?

Top posting is generally deprecated.

Yes, that is correct.

I've never seen something I needed on a web page which was done
with Java or JavaScript which either couldn't be done with straight
HTML, or wouldn't be better done with a program I could download
and run if I wanted. I personally have no use for Java or JavaScript,
as even if the code is not malign, it is typically written by non-
expert programmers, and often has defects with unintended side

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