[CentOS] is there a possible solution to convert intel pro 2200 dsl winmodem to run under CentOS / linux?

Robert roberth at abbacomm.net
Wed Sep 21 22:34:21 UTC 2005


in regards to the question(s) i have posted to the list in in June and today
in terms of the

Intel Pro/DSL 2200 modem

it is an internal pci card that is a dsl modem... or pry more correctly a
dsl "winmodem"...

it is not the intel product that is mentioned at this site...


a friend of mine mentioned this site... so... as you can tell there is an
issue when doing searches between the 

intel pro/dsl 2200 modem and the intel pro/wireless 2200 units

i think what i am struggling to do is find out if it is possible to load a
CentOS box in such a WINEmulation or other emulation way and get this card
to function on a CentOS box so i can turn cheap PCs into inexpensive
gateways with this card...

or, can someone recommend another internal DSL modem that i can do this with
that supports DMT and works with CentOS - linux to be more specific ??

thanks in advance for any direction or pointers.

 - rh

Robert - Abba Communications
Computers & Internet Sales/Service 

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