[CentOS] GFS / CS / DS Questions about install and examples.

John Newbigin jnewbigin at ict.swin.edu.au
Mon Sep 26 01:11:51 UTC 2005

Cesar Lagarrigue wrote:

> Hello
> I read about the technology and i found all amazing and great 
> challenger, i like to test and install soon---, for this reason i have 
> some question about this.
> GFS / CS
> I see the gfs and cs download into 
> http://bender.it.swin.edu.au/centos-3/ and 
> http://mirrors.csol.org/CentOS/3/csgfs/i386/RPMS/
> What are the diference in both packages?
> Anyone has using this technologies? and example of their installation ? 
> link of howto , etc...
> any conf to share?
They are the same packages.  The ones on the CentOS mirror have been 
signed with the CentOS-3 GPG key.

You need to look at the redhat docs, either in the 
rh-gfs-en-6.0-4.noarch.rpm package or online 

Read through the manual carefully before you start.  You need to make 
some decisions about how to configure everything.  I had to start over a 
few times before I got things working the way I wanted.

I keep my config files in a directory with a make file:
cat Makefile
local.cca: cluster.ccs fence.ccs nodes.ccs
         ccs_tool -O create . local.cca
         chown gfs. local.cca

And store the ccs in a file because I am using GNBD and not shared 
storage.  If you do use GFS then you will need to customise the init 

I kept some notes here
but they are probably out of date.


> Thanks for the help.
> Cesar Lagarrigue V.
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