[CentOS] up2date upgrade-to-release question

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Mon Sep 26 09:28:12 UTC 2005

Alexandru E. Ungur wrote:
> I just wanted to ask if anybody did a 
> # up2date --upgrade-to-release=4.1
> on CentOS 3.5 box?
> I did it and I'm having a bit of problems. The box just dies... at intervals 
> between half a day and a couple of days. Initially I considered it was a hw
> problem, so I had the tech support check it out, and they just switched the
> box with another, and put the harddisks back on the new box... Unfortunately
> the dying problem remaind so that's why I started considering that maybe 
> something other that hw could be the problem. So did anybody on the list do 
> such an upgrade, and was it all 100% ok ?

Its quite clearly indicated in the release notes that a cross Version 
upgrade from CentOS3 to CentOS4 is not supported. This issue has been 
covered in details previously on the list a few times, you might want to 
search the archives to see what people had to say.

In a nutshell, unless you really understand the implications of 
upgrading using up2date or yum, reinstall is the best option ( or in a 
pinch, use the upgradeany install option after you remove all third 
party rpm's and packages ).

- K
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