[CentOS] centos 4 installed on P4 won't boot on P3

William A. Mahaffey III wam at HiWAAY.net
Thu Sep 29 12:29:54 UTC 2005

Tom wrote:

> Hi,
> I installed centos 4 on a P4, configured it (and it booted fine here) 
> then sent it to the DC to be put in a P3 but it won't boot, displays 
> GRUB and halts.
> The DC guys tried grub-install in rescue mode but still the same.
> Any clues? Is there some difference between P3 and P4?
> thanks
> tom

Application code compiled for a P4 (using full P4 optimizations) usually 
won't run on a P3, I suspect the same for kernels. I betcha you need to 
do the install again on the P3. I also betcha if you did the P3 1st & 
then moved that disk to the P4 it would work. Newer CPUs can usually run 
older code, but not vice-versa. YMMV & all that :-).

	William A. Mahaffey III
	Remember, ignorance is bliss, but
	willful ignorance is LIBERALISM !!!!

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