[CentOS] samba client

Wed Apr 5 12:34:36 UTC 2006
Zbynek Dohnal <zbynek.dohnal at ssi-schaefer.cz>

I installed absolutely new installation of CentOS 4.3 from DVD media and
I unchecked every additional packages.
After that I perform
# yum upgrade
and install wanted packages
# yum install samba-client

installed packages are

SELinux and iptables are disabled.
But if  I can try to mount my server public share
#mount -t smbfs -o username=nobody //samba/public /mnt/pub

CentOS complains as is listed in /var/log/messages
Apr  5 13:25:36 pc1-002 kernel: smb_retry: no connection process

and I have to cancel this operation by CTRL-C
Apr  5 13:26:04 pc1-002 kernel: smb_delete_inode: could not close inode 2

Have anybody some sugesstion?

Zbynek Dohnal

SSI Schafer s.r.o.
Tovarni 325
753 01 Hranice

tel.    +420 581 820 216
fax.    +420 581 820 299
email   zbynek.dohnal at ssi-schaefer.cz
gpg	www.gpg.cz

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