[CentOS] latest 4.2 to 4.3 upgrade and distribution by CentOS team

Wed Apr 5 14:17:12 UTC 2006
Robert Hanson <list06 at abbacomm.net>


it appeared to me that previous upgrades were strained by sheer amount and
size of the update as well as the eagerness of the CentOS userbase to get

this last one, well... it went so smooth that i believe many may have missed
it happening so to speak  :-)

initially having been a large Galacticom aka Worldgroup BBS operator
(remember those?) and then an ISP for going on 2 decades i sincerely
appreciate the smoothness of the last batch of upgrades and the distribution
of such around the world... it appeared almost effortless from this side...


CentOS team, great job! and keep up the awesome work!

ummm, do you have any statistics to share that show how much data was moved
around and by how many internal servers and external clients?

again, way to go!

 - rh

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