[CentOS] SSH + VNC

Sat Apr 1 13:16:09 UTC 2006
hkclark at gmail.com <hkclark at gmail.com>

On 4/1/06, Ryan <ryanag at zoominternet.net> wrote:
> I've also tried using the command vino-preferences on the remote
> desktop. It tells me to connect to vnc:/IP-address:0
> Whats interesting is that if I issue the command
> vncserver
> on the remote desktop, it starts up a new server on display :1. I can
> connect to this display with no issues via the SSH tunnel.
> Does anyone know how I can fix this problem? I use SSH tunneling and VNC
> with display :0 on SUSE 10.0 machines all the time without issues.
> thanks

Hi Ryan,

I usually just use the vncserver approach, which starts the :1 on port
5901, so I may not be the best person to advise you.  However, I'm
wondering if you go to the device running the "VNC server" and do a
command like "netstat -tupan" (run as root to get the PIDs) to see
what port the VNC process is using.  Maybe it's not on 5900 for some