[CentOS] CentOS 4.3 occasionally locking up accessing IDE drive

Sun Apr 2 17:22:01 UTC 2006
Leo Arnts <leo at arnts.org>


Seems there is a problem:

I had discovered in the maxtor web site the answer ID 2685 
that speak about my problem:

Note: This solution is only to be applied to the listed products and only
when used with the nForce4 chipset. If you are unsure as to which chipset
you have, contact your motherboard manufacturer or visit your motherboard
manufacturer's website for clarification.

Maxtor SATA II Drives and nVidia nForce4 Compatibility 
The following issues have been identified with Maxtor SATA II drives and the
nVidia nForce4 controller.

No detection

Anomalous behavior such as data corruption


The drives affected are those with model numbers starting with:

6V- (DiamondMax 10)

6H- (DiamondMax 11)

7V- (Maxline III) 

7H- (MaxLine Pro 500)

A firmware upgrade to resolve these issues for Maxtor SATA II drives is
available by contacting Maxtor Support. Please have the drive serial number
and the Code number available, which will be listed on the top label of the
drive itself.

Contact Maxtor Online:
North, Central and South America
Europe, Middle East, and Africa
Asia, Australia, and New Zealand

Please see our Contact Pages for telephone support options:
North/Central/South America
Europe, Middle East and Africa
Asia, Australia and New Zealand

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Onderwerp: RE: [CentOS] CentOS 4.3 occasionally locking up accessing IDE

On Sun, 2006-04-02 at 11:36 +0100, Dave Hatton wrote:
> I've just had a similar problem but with SATA drives.
> I discovered some reports of problems when smartctl scans were issued
> against running drives.
> For me the fix was to turn off SMART monitoring (service smartd stop &&
> chkconfig smartd off).

I put this here just to have your answer and this suggestion in one
place. Has anyone checked the Mfg's (HD, controller, MoBo) web sites to
see if probs reported/solved? Has anyone tried hdparm to "adjust"
tunables to see if it makes a difference? I suspect not, based on what
Dave is saying, but never know?

Also, no reason to believe y'all are the absolute first. Now sounds like
Google might be productive?

> Daveh