[CentOS] Several problems upgrading CentOS 4.1 to 4.3

Sun Apr 9 20:06:02 UTC 2006
Jim Perrin <jperrin at gmail.com>

> As I said before, this is a production server, so downtime is an
> important issue and had to be minimized.
> On the other hand, in my country, internet is very expensive, we pay
> US$100 for 128Kbps.
> That's the bandwidth I have available on the server, not to mention the
> technology used for wireless, which gave us huge delays, so the
> performance I get is even lower than 128Kbps.
> I know that yum could take me to the 4.3 with no problem, except for the
> time that it would have required.
> I also know that some versions of you (not the one shipped with 4.1)
> have the option to "download only", that might have help me, that is why
> I went to the option of upgrading via de CDs.
> I appriciate the suggestion, but I'm was not asking for that, I'm just
> trying to figure it out, what did happend.
> Is CentOS (or RHEL) not upgradeable skipping versions through CD or DVD?

Sure, the DVD includes a yum repository on it, or you can sxtract the
iso images to make a yum repository of your own. Running an internal
yum mirror in such a fasion is an easy way to cut down on bandwidth
use depending on how many machines you have. From here you can even
rsync from available mirrors to maintain updates between versions.

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