[CentOS] Several problems upgrading CentOS 4.1 to 4.3

Sun Apr 9 20:20:11 UTC 2006
Ale Feltes Quenhan <ale at roshka.com.py>

Jim Perrin wrote:
>> As I said before, this is a production server, so downtime is an
>> important issue and had to be minimized.
>> On the other hand, in my country, internet is very expensive, we pay
>> US$100 for 128Kbps.
>> That's the bandwidth I have available on the server, not to mention the
>> technology used for wireless, which gave us huge delays, so the
>> performance I get is even lower than 128Kbps.
>> I know that yum could take me to the 4.3 with no problem, except for the
>> time that it would have required.
>> I also know that some versions of you (not the one shipped with 4.1)
>> have the option to "download only", that might have help me, that is why
>> I went to the option of upgrading via de CDs.
>> I appriciate the suggestion, but I'm was not asking for that, I'm just
>> trying to figure it out, what did happend.
>> Is CentOS (or RHEL) not upgradeable skipping versions through CD or DVD?
> Sure, the DVD includes a yum repository on it, or you can sxtract the
> iso images to make a yum repository of your own. Running an internal
> yum mirror in such a fasion is an easy way to cut down on bandwidth
> use depending on how many machines you have. From here you can even
> rsync from available mirrors to maintain updates between versions.
I mean through a "normal" upgrade via the installer, booting from the 
media (CD or DVD), I knew about getting a local yum repository with the 
createrepo, I use it on intranet to update several installation with a 
local mirror when updates for relases are available.
I did not think of extracting packages from CD, I rather use the CD, and 
to be honest, even if I knew before, I still would have gone with the CD 
direct option.