[CentOS] athlon64/opteron 8GB per CPU

Mon Apr 10 20:20:39 UTC 2006
David Thompson <thomas at cs.wisc.edu>

Jay Lee wrote:
>Why i686?  Sure the i386 version of CentOS 4 can access >4gb ram but 
>it's quite ugly how it has to do it and there are still some limits.  
>I'd strongly recommend using the x86_64 release if you can pull it off.

It's an older Xeon that doesn't have the EMT64 extensions.

>Well, if all you're doing is rsync or similar than CPU really isn't 
>going to be a bottleneck in the near term, bandwidth and I/O are the 
>bigger bottlenecks.  What speed will the network be running at?

The traffic is rsync (out; we have another box that grabs content for us), 
http, and ftp.  It's all GigE locally, and BIG pipes to the internet.  Before 
linux distros exploded in size and number, we pushed several hundred gigabit 
for several days when someone did a release.