[CentOS] athlon64/opteron 8GB per CPU

Mon Apr 10 20:37:28 UTC 2006
Jay Lee <jlee at pbu.edu>

David Thompson wrote:
> Jay Lee wrote:
>> Why i686?  Sure the i386 version of CentOS 4 can access >4gb ram but 
>> it's quite ugly how it has to do it and there are still some limits.  
>> I'd strongly recommend using the x86_64 release if you can pull it off.
> It's an older Xeon that doesn't have the EMT64 extensions.
Ah, I was getting the old box and the new one confused.  So you're 
planning to move to x86_64 then...
>> Well, if all you're doing is rsync or similar than CPU really isn't 
>> going to be a bottleneck in the near term, bandwidth and I/O are the 
>> bigger bottlenecks.  What speed will the network be running at?
> The traffic is rsync (out; we have another box that grabs content for us), 
> http, and ftp.  It's all GigE locally, and BIG pipes to the internet.  Before 
> linux distros exploded in size and number, we pushed several hundred gigabit 
> for several days when someone did a release.
> Dave

I'd go dual Opteron, I'd be very careful about the SATA controller I 
used (make sure it is well supported and many people are using it with 
extremely large sata drives) and I'd get as much RAM as I could afford.

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