[CentOS] Command line IMAP client

Wed Apr 12 13:32:25 UTC 2006
David Mansfield <centos at dm.cobite.com>

Tom Brown wrote:
> Hi
> I want to download all messages from an IMAP mailbox but i want this to 
> be outputted into MailDir format. I tried using fetchmail but this 
> outputted the mailbox into mbox format. Is there an IMAP client that 
> works on the command line but will output into MailDir format or failing 
> that how reliable is converting from mbox to MailDir ?

I have used the IMAP routines built into php, which can be used as 
commandline interpreter much like perl, with great success.  The 
implementation is more complete than perl's and pretty simple to do 
whatever you'd like, but you'd have to write a short program.