[CentOS] Re: Upgrade of Centos 4.1 with 4.2 ISO disc

Wed Apr 19 19:30:47 UTC 2006
BRUCE STANLEY <bruce.stanley at prodigy.net>

Johnny Hughes <mailing-lists at hughesjr.com> wrote:  On Mon, 2006-04-17 at 12:14 -0700, BRUCE STANLEY wrote:
> Jim Perrin  wrote:
>         >
>         > I finally got arournd to trying to update Centos 4.1 to 4.3
>         via the
>         > boot 'linux upgradeany' option.
>         >
>         > The first attempt hung the system with only 2 minutes left
>         in the
>         > update procedure (according to the displayed remaing time
>         left).
>         >
>         > It was trying to upgrade Mozilla to the latest version.
>         >
>         > I then hard rebooted the system and tried again thinking
>         that it might
>         > start over where it left off (the Mozilla update).
>         >
>         > But no, it started the whole process over again.
>         > This time however, everything completed and no system hangs
>         occured
>         > during the upgrade process. Have no idea why it hung the
>         first time
>         > around.
>         >
>         > There is plenty of disc space available on the mounted the
>         partitions to do
>         > what ever it needed to do (as in 60 GB).
>         >
>         > The thing i noticed though, was that everything in my
>         ~Desktop folder
>         > that have been set up previous was gone.
>         >
>         > Is this normal in an upgrade procedure with Centos?
>         Not at all, but then what you did isn't considered 'normal'
>         upgrade
>         procedure. Is there a reason to not just run 'yum update' ?
>      56k dialup ..........   :-(  

I would highly recommend that if you want to upgrade via an ISO, you get
the DVD and do a yum upgrade against the root directory of the mounted
DVD ... OR ... copy all the CD's into a local tree and do the upgrade
with yum pointing at that.

The "upgradeany" will work, but it makes some assumptions ... one of
which is that this is a major upgrade between versions (otherwise you
would use yum), so some things will be done that may not be required ...
like running some configure scripts, etc.

CentOS is designed to do "yum updates" within a major release (ie
CentOS-3.x to any newer CentOS-3.x, CentOS-4.x to any newer CentOS-4.x).

The "upgradeany" method is the only recommended upgrade from one major
release to another (ie, CentOS-3.x to CentOS-4.x) ... and even then, a
full reinstall is MOST highly encouraged:

      Hi Jim!
  I am well aware that the preferred Centos method of  upgrading is to use yum.
  But this requires the user to have a good high speed Inter  Net connection for
  reliable updates.  I  have this at work but not at home.
                  Using a DVD and yum might be a possibility except that the  system being
  used is an older   Athlon 1.3 ghz machine with   CR-ROM and CD-RW
  drives.  No DVD and  only  USB 1.1 ports.   :-(
                  Seeing that Linux is suppose to be a good choice for running  on older
  (but in this case not that old) equipment, it would be nice  if the
  ‘upgradeany’ method was improved for people that are in a similar
  situation as me.
               The ‘upgradeany’ test I did was on a ‘test only’ removable  drive and not
  on my main system drive, so it was a test, and only a test.
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