[CentOS] Re: Upgrade of Centos 4.1 with 4.2 ISO disc

Wed Apr 19 20:52:13 UTC 2006
Jim Perrin <jperrin at gmail.com>

> Hi Jim!
>  I am well aware that the preferred Centos method of upgrading is to use
> yum.
>  But this requires the user to have a good high speed Inter Net connection
> for
>  reliable updates.  I have this at work but not at home.
> Using a DVD and yum might be a possibility except that the system being
>  used is an older  Athlon 1.3 ghz machine with   CR-ROM and CD-RW
>  drives.  No DVD and only  USB 1.1 ports.   :-(

Still a possibility. You don't actually *NEED* a DVD, just the image.

1. mkdir /mnt/iso
2. mount -o loop /path/to/dvd.iso /mnt/iso
3. point yum to /mnt/iso
4. yum update.

This assumes you're able to get the dvd, but if you can get all 4 isos
you can do the exact same thing with the 'createrepo' utility

mkdir /some/local/path/
insert cd1 && mount cd (or use steps above)
cp -af /media/cdrom/* /some/local/path/
unmount cd, eject, and repeat for remaining isos.
cd /some/local/path/
createrepo .

(to others, yes I know you don't have to cd to the dir to run
createrepo, but it's easier this way to explain it & check results)

Final 3rd option is to get dag's yam application and let it do this
for you with iso images.

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