[CentOS] dag repo and perl dependencies naming

Mon Apr 24 11:45:11 UTC 2006
sophana <sophana at zizi.ath.cx>

Jim Perrin wrote:

>>you're right. I forgot to remove atrpms test.
>>Note that I never do a general yum update. So my system should not be
>>totally wrecked.
>Except that it only takes one 'yum install' from ATrpms to replace a
>couple of important core packages or install one thats incompatible
>with upstream, thus causing your dilemma. Also note that if you never
>do a yum update, then you're missing several important updates. If you
>are indeed on 3.3 like you said earlier, then you're a little over a
>year out of date. There have been several important bugs fixed, and a
>couple critical ones which could potentially leave your system open to
>intruders. It may not be wrecked from installed packages, but
>negligence instead. Is there a reason to not perform basic upgrade
>tasks like 'yum update' (aside from the obvious now where it won't
Ok, I'll be watching close.

But you did not explain why the rpm dependency was failing:
Is it a yum bug?

.......Unable to satisfy dependencies
Package rpm-libs needs rpm = 4.2.3-24_nonptl, this is not available.
# rpm  -q rpm
# ls /var/cache/yum/base/headers/rpm-0*
rpm-0-4.2.3-21_nonptl.i386.hdr  rpm-0-4.2.3-24_nonptl.i386.hdr