[CentOS] weird install issue

Fri Apr 28 14:40:52 UTC 2006
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Joe Pruett wrote:
> if you do a custom install and select the everything package (i'm lazy
> and don't care if i burn disk space :-), when it gets to cd 4, it will
> suddenly need disk 1 again to install the comps package and then go back
> to 4 for the rest of the install.  it seems like the comps package would
> have been installed very early on in the process, so this seems very odd.
> i can look at the install log if that would do someone some good.

this isnt really a problem, its something thats by design - we want the
comps to only be on cd-1 since that way people can run a minimum install
only needing cd-1.

depending on the pkgset selected for install, the installer will build a
transaction set, comps goes right down the ladder there, to setup an
install order. IF you really want everything and dont want to do this
switch - how about using the DVD or install over the wire !

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