[CentOS] In need of assistance... (part 2)

Mon Dec 4 21:25:48 UTC 2006
Administrator <administrator at insurancejournal.com>

i wrote in a week ago and was overwhelmed by the response, but maybe i 
need to be more specific.

We need to get a rock solid backup system in place, basically a 
self-running system that would be set up once and then periodically 
checked on.

We have 2 Windows machines (NT4, 2003 Server) and 3 Linux Machines 
(Centos 4.4, Centos 4.3 and Red Hat 3).

Two machines are hosted locally (Centos 4.4 & NT4).

We have a Dell Server that just needs new hard drives and that could be 
setup to be a backup server, but we want to be sure that we have 
off-site backups of the local machines (so we could ship the machine to 
a hosting facility once it is set up).

We would like to have the ability to have a rolling archive of about 30 

Since we are a publishing company, our archives are important but not 
critical to our daily operations and they don't change. The current 
projects are changed daily and need to be archived daily.

We are open to the options that were suggested a week ago, but we are 
thinking that we need someone to implement it. This is very important 
and not something that should be left to someone who is 'learning as he 

We need a clear and solid plan along with someone who could execute it.

Please let me know of any people who are in/around San Diego, California 
and could help us- or someone who could accomplish the task flawlessly 
with a remote connection.

Many thanks,

Noah Spahn
Tech Manager/Systems Administrator
Wells Publishing Inc
(619)584-1100 ext.122