[CentOS] In need of assistance... (part 2)

Mon Dec 4 21:53:29 UTC 2006
Matt Shields <mattboston at gmail.com>

Check out Bacula.org.  Very good system, we use it with about 40 hosts
and do disk-to-disk to our iscsi sata array.  I also has windows
clients that support VSS.

Matt Shields
Cyberbite Network - www.cyberbite.com

On 12/4/06, Administrator <administrator at insurancejournal.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> i wrote in a week ago and was overwhelmed by the response, but maybe i
> need to be more specific.
> We need to get a rock solid backup system in place, basically a
> self-running system that would be set up once and then periodically
> checked on.
> We have 2 Windows machines (NT4, 2003 Server) and 3 Linux Machines
> (Centos 4.4, Centos 4.3 and Red Hat 3).
> Two machines are hosted locally (Centos 4.4 & NT4).
> We have a Dell Server that just needs new hard drives and that could be
> setup to be a backup server, but we want to be sure that we have
> off-site backups of the local machines (so we could ship the machine to
> a hosting facility once it is set up).
> We would like to have the ability to have a rolling archive of about 30
> days.
> Since we are a publishing company, our archives are important but not
> critical to our daily operations and they don't change. The current
> projects are changed daily and need to be archived daily.
> We are open to the options that were suggested a week ago, but we are
> thinking that we need someone to implement it. This is very important
> and not something that should be left to someone who is 'learning as he
> goes'.
> We need a clear and solid plan along with someone who could execute it.
> Please let me know of any people who are in/around San Diego, California
> and could help us- or someone who could accomplish the task flawlessly
> with a remote connection.
> Many thanks,
> Noah
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> Noah Spahn
> Tech Manager/Systems Administrator
> Wells Publishing Inc
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