[CentOS] ACL Support and Samba

Thu Dec 14 07:31:01 UTC 2006
Shawn Everett <shawn at tandac.com>

I've been playing with filesystem ACLs and wanted to integrate that with 
Samba to create a more transparent end user experiance.

I have set up and tested a JFS partition with ACL support.  I can use 
getfacl and setfacl with no problems to set permissions as needed.  It 
works great.

I compiled Samba with ACL support using the --with-acl configure option.  
Unfortunately I can't seem to get Samba/Windows to list the full set of 
permissions that show up with a getfacl.  Trying to add two users with two 
different permissions to a file via Windows, returns an "access denied" 
message.  The listed permissions only show the normal owner/group/other 
permissions and not the more detailed getfacl permissions that have been 
set up.

If anyone has any hints or suggestions it would be apreciated.