[CentOS] ACL Support and Samba

Thu Dec 14 08:01:09 UTC 2006
Fabian Arrotin <fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net>

Shawn Everett wrote:
> I've been playing with filesystem ACLs and wanted to integrate that with
> Samba to create a more transparent end user experiance.
> I have set up and tested a JFS partition with ACL support.  I can use
> getfacl and setfacl with no problems to set permissions as needed.  It
> works great.
> I compiled Samba with ACL support using the --with-acl configure option.
> Unfortunately I can't seem to get Samba/Windows to list the full set of
> permissions that show up with a getfacl.  Trying to add two users with two
> different permissions to a file via Windows, returns an "access denied"
> message.  The listed permissions only show the normal owner/group/other
> permissions and not the more detailed getfacl permissions that have been
> set up.
> If anyone has any hints or suggestions it would be apreciated.

It works out-of-the-box on CentOS with the provided samba package. I've
deployed several samba servers on CentOS without any problems ...
On the other hand, i admit that i've only used ext3 and not jfs ...
If you use ext3, you just have to add the acl option in fstab. getfacl and
setfacl will work directly and samba will use these permissions directly
too : from man smb.conf :  Default: nt acl support = yes
Try maybe with the samba centos rpm instead of compiling your own package ...

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