[CentOS] Multimedia setup for LTSP

Mon Dec 18 18:15:31 UTC 2006
Jordi Espasa Clofent <jordi.listas at multivia.com>

Hi all,

I'm setting up a CentOS 4 in AMD64 box. The goal is to mount a terminal
server with LTSP software. Currenlty I'm in troubles with the multimedia
support. I've added Dag's, Karanbir's and Dries' repositories according

¿Is there some intention to make a multimedia group as others groups
(FTP Server, Web Server... etc)? It would be great.

¿What packages do you recommend to me for that (I supose lame, mplayer...)?

¿Is there any way to install w32codecs package in my AMD64 box?


Jordi Espasa Clofent

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