[CentOS] Upgrading Server Motherboard

Fri Dec 22 16:20:09 UTC 2006
Jeff Lasman <blists at nobaloney.net>

On Monday 18 December 2006 09:11 am, Matt wrote:

> It runs Directadmin web gui which is like Cpanel. 

I resent that statement <smile>.  It's nowhere near as complex as 

> >Next, should I get a dual core CPU or just a fast single core?

Dual core.

> >I was told up2date will update this server too 4.4.  Problem is that
> the Directadmin GUI is a bit touchy.  Any modifications to the
> services its married to could be bad.  I really need to talk to there
> tech support on this.

We use yum update to update our CentOS DirectAdmin servers.  Works fine 
for us after we mark certain excludes in yum.conf.

Search the DirectAdmin forums at "http://directadmin.com/forum" for the 
phrase "yum exclude" (without the quotes) for a list of excludes that 
works for us.

>I also purchased a Seagate SATA 500Gbyte drive.  The 300G PATA drive
> is just under half full.  I imagine mostly email.  Mailboxes for the
> most part have 50M cap but there alot of them and still adding more.
> Is there anyway to copy the OS installed on the PATA to a larger and
> faster SATA drive?  I am doubting this since the drives place/mnt in
> /dev will change.

Even worse that will probably fail to load the drivers you need for your 
new sata drive.

> I know the best solution is to install CentOS 4.4 on new box, install
> Directadmin, and then backup and restore to new server but that will
> result in substantial downtime that I am trying to get out off.  Plus
> a lot of work.  

I'd do the backup and restore.  If you're going between servers with the 
same level of CentOS and the same level of DA, then you can use their 
system backup (sysbk).  It doesn't have an automated restore but you 
can get away with untarring the directories it makes in place as long 
as there's no changes.

> The Directadmin install has been heavilly customized
> and I will need to remember what I all did to it.

It's possible that sysbk doesn't copy every directory/file you've 
modified but making sure of that shouldn't be too hard if you have any 
idea at all of what kind of customizations you made.

I know that I write on the DA forums that restoring a sysbk backup takes 
a lot of "smarts" on the part of the admin, but it's actually as simple 
as above if nothing (but drivers) have changed between the versions.  

> Actually I may still do that but I would like to move to a faster
> motherboard first so just maybe the backups run faster.

If you've got IP# space you can get a one month license from DA and have 
both systems working at the same time (that's how I do it).

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