[CentOS] Initiator for iscsi?

Sat Dec 2 05:37:41 UTC 2006
Brian <spatuality at yahoo.ca>

Sorry for the top post, but yahoo is dumb. Maybe its just me though...

Yes, we are running with iSCSI filesystems mounted.

CentOS 4.4
Performance using iozone (I don't have the test run data available, but it was acceptable given the redundancy and concurrent write operations GFS gives us) testing was good on the test systems, but we haven't done testing on the final production systems yet. I'm waiting to resolve mounting the third iSCSI partition properly on 2/4 of the cluster nodes before running an all-out test.


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Anyone running centos with an iscsi filesystem mounted?  If so:

What version of centos?
Which iscsi package?
What filesystem are you using on the mount?
Does it perform like you'd expect?



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