[CentOS] Initiator for iscsi?

Sat Dec 2 07:34:39 UTC 2006
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

Peter Eisch wrote:
> Anyone running centos with an iscsi filesystem mounted?  If so:
> What version of centos?
> Which iscsi package?
> What filesystem are you using on the mount?
> Does it perform like you'd expect?

find a post from me earlier today, I give all the details of what worked 
with centos 4.x

using e3fs

it performs nearly as well as the original storage does on the processor 
its directly connected to...

[storedge3510fc]-----[fc switch]------[openfiler iscsi 
server]------[centos4 iscsi intiiator]

On CentOS 4.4 systems directly connected to the 3510FC SAN, I can't seem 
to sustain much over 60-70MB/sec... on the iscsi initiator going through 
another server, I saw about 50MB/sec.

I haven't even moved the iscsi to its own ethernet yet (I need more 
ports of gigE switch in my lab)