[CentOS] Installing CentOS over LAN

Sun Dec 3 03:37:31 UTC 2006
Gary Richardson <gary.richardson at gmail.com>

Do some google searches for kickstart or look at

I have a webserver set up and I use that instead of NFS. I put the cd in,
boot the system and at the linux prompt, I run something like:

linux: linux ks=http://<kickstart server>/<config file for specific server>

Then I walk away and wait for the heavy lifting to be done. With kickstart,
you can script all the post-install configuration that you typically do --
deploying a system is now down to 15 minutes for me. I have stock configs
for mail servers, name servers and webservers -- when I need a new one, it's
as simple as provisioning the hardware (and even more simple when using

If you have a dhcp server, you can do it without a cd at all -- you can use
the PXE boot images.

On 12/2/06, Al Sparks <data345 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I want to set up a server that will do network installs of CentOS,
> perhaps through NFS.
> Ideally, I'd put a CentOS in the CD of the target computer, I boot
> it off of that CD, and then the rest is done over my network and
> with the server.
> Has anyone done that and published it?  Where can I find docs?
>    === Al
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