[CentOS] Installing CentOS over LAN

Sun Dec 3 03:41:34 UTC 2006
Gordon McLellan <gordonthree at gmail.com>

Do you want the root on nfs, or just grab the installation source off
a network server?

network boot + nfs root is well documented on google, there's nothing
really specific to centos about it, that is, it works for almost any
linux or bsd distro.

in most cases you don't install to a network drive, you install to a
local drive and then copy it to the network.

another thought is to look at g4l (ghost for linux) ... install a
centos base image, and then use g4l to load it to a room full of
networked PCs.


On 12/2/06, Al Sparks <data345 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I want to set up a server that will do network installs of CentOS,
> perhaps through NFS.
> Ideally, I'd put a CentOS in the CD of the target computer, I boot
> it off of that CD, and then the rest is done over my network and
> with the server.
> Has anyone done that and published it?  Where can I find docs?
>    === Al
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