[CentOS] How to connect to a Windows PC in LAN

Sun Dec 17 22:45:11 UTC 2006
MrKiwi <mrkiwi at gmail.com>

Ha Thai Duong wrote:
> Hi
> I am a new bee to Linux in general. Please accept my apologies if the 
> question is not appropriate.
> I have a LAN with 2 computers: One is CentOS and one is Windows XP.
> I am trying to transfer file between 2 computers using LAN. Can you 
> please tell me how to do it?
> I have tried Samba from the Applications menu.
> Add a directory in there. Set it to Read only and Allow access to 
> everyone. I couldn't see the CentOS from Windows computer.
> I have tried the Network Servers. There is Windows Network there. When i 
> click to see inside that, there is nothing.
> I tried to see the all the services are running. The winbind status is
> winbindd dead but subsys locked.
> Thanks a lot for your help. I do appreciate that.
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"service smb status" will tell you if the services (smbd, 
nmbd) are running but ...

Maybe your firewall is active and blocking your requests;

 From a root prompt type
# service iptables status

If the response is "Firewall is stopped" then this is not 
the problem - however if you get a list of the firewall 
entries, then try
# service iptables status|egrep "445|137|138|139"
You should see 4 or so entries listed for the various 
services related to samba sharing.

If you see none, you need to either ;
stop the firewall (not recommended, but you may want to stop 
it to confirm that the firewall is the issue) using
# service iptables stop
(restart it with # service iptables start)
config the firewall to allow these ports (recommended solution)

try /usr/sbin/s

set Security Level to "Enabled",
Customize, under "Other ports" type "445:tcp 137:udp 138:udp 

This should allow all the samba services to ba accessed.