[CentOS] Upgrading Server Motherboard

Mon Dec 18 17:36:10 UTC 2006
Kevan Benson <kbenson at a-1networks.com>

On Monday 18 December 2006 09:11, Matt wrote:
> Next, should I get a dual core CPU or just a fast single core?  Most
> of the load on this server is due to Spamassassin dealing with about
> 2000 email accounts.  Although it also serves up websites that is
> pretty minor load I beleive since they do not get all that many hits.

If you have the extra physical space, have you considered running the new 
server as a dedicated spamassassin server?  Ideally, you would probably want 
the faster and larger drive handling the mail storage, but if downtime is 
really a problem, offloading the process causing the most load might give you 
the time to design and implement a more elegant solution.

- Kevan Benson
- A-1 Networks