[CentOS] Upgrading Server Motherboard

Tue Dec 19 03:52:43 UTC 2006
Feizhou <feizhou at graffiti.net>

>> My first question is can I simply plug this drive into the new faster
> motherboard and have it just boot up and run?

Depends on your power supply. You will need a EPS12V power supply and 
you will want to get a good one that provides clean power signals if you 
want stability.

>> Next, should I get a dual core CPU or just a fast single core?  Most
> of the load on this server is due to Spamassassin dealing with about
> 2000 email accounts.  Although it also serves up websites that is
> pretty minor load I beleive since they do not get all that many hits.

Get a dual core cpu with 1MB of cache. spamassassin is not a single 
threaded process so a fast single core will not benefit it. How do you 
run spamassassin?

>> I was told up2date will update this server too 4.4.  Problem is that
> the Directadmin GUI is a bit touchy.  Any modifications to the
> services its married to could be bad.  I really need to talk to there
> tech support on this.
>> My new server motherboard is socket 939 and supports DDR 400.  It was
> a bargin off ebay but appears to work fine.  Would I be better off
> getting a socket AM2 that supports DDR2 or will that make much
> difference in performance?  The 939 motherboard supports a max of
> 4Gbyte DDR too.

DDR2 does not give any notable increase in performance. In fact, it adds 
latency which is why it took some time for AM2 to come out. You will 
probably be much more happy with a DDR RAM system.

>> I also purchased a Seagate SATA 500Gbyte drive.  The 300G PATA drive
> is just under half full.  I imagine mostly email.  Mailboxes for the
> most part have 50M cap but there alot of them and still adding more.
> Is there anyway to copy the OS installed on the PATA to a larger and
> faster SATA drive?  I am doubting this since the drives place/mnt in
> /dev will change.

You plan to run this on a single drive? I guess you don't have any 
problems with downtime. A SATA drive will appear as /dev/sdx while the 
PATA drive will appear as /dev/hdx. I don't think you will have any 
problems with drive order/device names.

> I know the best solution is to install CentOS 4.4 on new box, install
> Directadmin, and then backup and restore to new server but that will
> result in substantial downtime that I am trying to get out off.  Plus
> a lot of work.  The Directadmin install has been heavilly customized
> and I will need to remember what I all did to it.  Actually I may
> still do that but I would like to move to a faster motherboard first
> so just maybe the backups run faster.

If downtime is important to you, consider adding an extra drive and 
running software raid mirrors at the very least for the future. You will 
get downtime no matter what if you are not going to do a live transfer 
of data from the old box to the new one. You might as well do a good one 
  like perhaps getting yourself a mirrored drive to install on.

If not, you should be able to create identically sized partitions on the 
SATA drive and use dd to transfer your filesystems across and attempt to 
boot up with the SATA drive.