[CentOS] command line with < > and not wanting to redirect

Mon Dec 18 20:43:34 UTC 2006
Aleksandar Milivojevic <alex at milivojevic.org>

Quoting Lorenzo Martínez Rodríguez <Lawwait at yahoo.es>:

> I have experimented poltergeists like that when calling scripts with
> system command from perl for example. In such case I have problems when
> I did not scape the @ symbol with a backslash. did you tried it?

If the "command" from OP's example is badly written Perl or shell  
script (or whatever other script or program) that invokes some other  
command blindly passing to it its command line arguments in some  
broken way, yes there might be problems.  However, than it is a bug in  
the "command" (OP hasn't told us what is the "command" he is  
invoking), not the problem with the shell that invokes that "command".