[CentOS] Study Guide by Topics for Beginners

Thu Feb 9 00:02:53 UTC 2006
Alain Reguera <alain.reguera at gmail.com>


I've been trying to organize my self, and has been making an order
list, for beginners (as I am), of practical topics  that should be
studied to manage a communication node (ISP). Also, each topic should
have referred books, urls and materials about it, in order of reading

Here I ask you for some experienced help, to conform this, or some
reference point where start on. The way you consider it must be done.

My plan to learn is make a review of reading from start to end of it
to get an overall idea of the topic (as a whole), and then go
increasing the level of specification in each topic on each review
reading. So the topics' ordering and the topics 'em selves are very

Could this be right, any suggestion at this point would be highly
appreciated too?

So my starting list,

1. Introduction to Internet: The bases, and general ideas of where we
are standing. At this point I started with Douglas E. Comer's
Internetworking with TCP/IP Vol1
2. Firewalls: To grant security in place before start.
3. DNS:
4. Proxy:
3. Mail:
4. Web Server:
5. FTP Server:

And of course CentOS-Linux to deploy all this.

Any suggestion? Any idea? Anything will be appreciated.