[CentOS] Serious desktop/mouse problem in Gnome

Tue Feb 21 17:54:26 UTC 2006
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

I have just gone through a java install.

Don't know it that is the cause or just someother freeky thing.

My mouse is in total run-away mode.

Just touch it and it goes all over the place.  Things start dropping 
and draging.   The system bar is on the top now and the action bar on the side.

If I manage to get a terminal window open and leave the mouse alone, 
I can type.

Also <alt-cnlt-F1> gets me to display 1.

If I go back to display 0, everything is still hosed.

Any pointers?  Some mouse file out of align and too sensitive?  How I 
fix this and reset things?