[CentOS] mkdir Fail when creating multiple directories

Tue Feb 21 23:44:11 UTC 2006
Data Control Systems - Mike Elkevizth <mike at dcsamerica.com>

Hi, I use the program Unison to synchronize two servers and have been having
a problem recently with errors saying mkdir failed.
The program tries to make backup copies of any file it is going to overwrite
before it actually does the sync. The backups have been failing because of
the mkdir failure. To try and find the problem, I logged in as root and then
tried the same command that unison was trying and it failed for me also. I
can't seem to get mkdir to create more than one directory at a time which is
a real problem for unison, because sometimes the file to be backed up is 5
or 6 directories deep. Does anyone know why this could happen? I am running
CentOS 4.0 with all the available security updates applied.

Thank You,

Mike Elkevizth
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