[CentOS] Anyone running VMWARE server on CentOS?

Wed Feb 22 15:20:54 UTC 2006
WipeOut <wipe_out at users.sourceforge.net>


I guess the subject says it all..

I am thinking about combining a few servers onto a single server since 
they mostly do nothing much at all which would mean there would be less 
load on the UPS and a lot less noise in my office..

Since VMWare server is now free its probably the perfect time to do it..

The only issue is getting the VMWare up and running.. I would prefer to 
run it on CentOS as the host OS but if it means recompiling half the 
system and not being able to use standard updates then it will probably 
just be a pain..

Has anyone set this up on CentOS yet and if so what did you have to do 
to get it running?