[CentOS] Postfix + SASL

Sat Feb 4 00:32:49 UTC 2006
Chris <racerx at makeworld.com>

Dominik Składanowski wrote:
> Hello list.
> I have a mail server where I use Postfix+SASL. Everything works fine.
> Sending emails when using client (Outlook, Thunderbird or anything
> else) require authorization. It is OK.
> But on the same server there is a Squirrelmail which sends emails as a
> localhost. To send email in this way there is no any authorization.
> Besides one preson use PINE on the server...
> How to do that authorization is required when you use Squirrelmail or
> PINE (localhost)?
> Regards
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You would be better served subscribing to the Postfix list. If you want 
answer that pertain to a subject, why not use the vehicles that are 
specific to the app you have issues with?

Just a thought...

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