[CentOS] Timeout While Retrieving Package

Wed Feb 8 16:58:32 UTC 2006
David Evennou <de at data-masters.com>

Thanks Jim!

I will give yum a try.


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>> I am trying to get the latest updates and I keep getting the error 
>> message:
>> "Error while retrieving package kernel-2.6.9-22.0.2.EL. The Message was:
>> Timed Out"
> How are you trying to update? via yum, or up2date?
>> Two questions:
>> 1. Whay is this happening?
> Depends on what you're using. Mostly, whichever update server you're
> connecting to isn't responding for some reason. Or your system isn't
> getting the response, either because of a firewall or busted proxy.
>> 2. Can I change the "Timeout" parameter to allow for more time?
> Depends on what you're using.
>> Note: I have checked only the Kernal option when running Up2Date thinking
>> this may help.
> Oh. You're using up2date. Up2date is not a tool I'd recommend using.
> It 'works', but it doesn't handle yum repos as well as it could. You
> should try using yum from the terminal with 'yum update'. There is a
> timeout option in yum that you can change. By default I believe it is
> set at 30s. You can read about this in the documentation for yum.
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