[CentOS] FreeNX documentation and other miscellanea

Tue Feb 14 14:25:12 UTC 2006
sophana <sophana at zizi.ath.cx>

maybe you should bypass freenx, and use nxagent/nxproxy directly from 
the nx package.

I took some time to discover how it works:
near the X client at ipadress <nxagent_ip>, type:

nxagent -R -display nx/nx,link=modem:8 :1

it will listen on port 4008 for nxproxy and listen on port 6001 for 
Xwindow connections. the -R option enables rootless mode so that 
individual windows will get forwarded transparently.

near the Xserver:
do a xhost+ to disable authentication (or you will have to play with xauth)
set display to your Xserver
nxproxy -S <nxagent_ip>:8
it will connect to the nxagent

then near the nxagent side, set display to <nxagent_ip>:1
lauch an xterm, it will magically appear at flash speed.

note that I succeeded in resuming a lost session
if you kill the nxproxy, nxagent will continue with the session suspended.
To reconnect, you will have to do a kill -1 on the nxagent process
It will then relisten on the port 4008
then you can redo the nxproxy that will reconnect and resume the session
All your windows will reappear magically.

hope this helps

Craig White wrote:

>I was having trouble connecting to the server that I am using for remote
>development so I updated things and rebooted.
>Connected into FreeNX nicely after that...wonder if there is issues with
>memory leaks or something...
>Anyway, it appears that the nxagent grabbed port 3000 which is what I
>was using for rubyonrails/webrick (I probably can change that) which
>sort of tells me that when I first loaded freenx/nxagent, port 3000 was
>already in use so it probably adjusted itself but upon reboot, nxagent
>got all comfortable in port 3000 before I logged in and tried to start
>webrick in rails...
>So I wandered through the documentation on NoMachine.com but that
>doesn't really cover the nxagent and in checking
>out /etc/nxserver/node.conf.sample, it refers to documentation in !M
>which means absolutely nothing to me whatsoever.
>I do see that there are some options that might be interesting such as
>remote printing - and now that I enabled remote printing on the client
>side, the freenx server seems disinterested and probably has to be
>configured and I'm thinking that documentation might be a good
>thing...where does one find more details on FreeNX server/agent
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