[CentOS] Question about updates again

Wed Feb 15 00:26:55 UTC 2006
Steve Bergman <steve at rueb.com>

Johnny Hughes wrote:

>The answer is:
>It depends :)
Thank you.  That makes everything quite clear. ;-)

I guess my next, and hopefully last, question is "how should I prepare 
for this?".

I have been quite pleased with the results of turning on the automatic 
nightly yum update on my CentOS machines. (I do not do this on my Fedora 

However, I am nervous about autoupdating during this possibly more 
turbulent period.  I guess an announcement will go out that 4.3 is 
coming and I can turn off autoupdates at that time?

Looking at the dates in the CentOS 4.2 main repo, it looks like the 
updates occurred in three batches at 7 day intervals.  But I'm not sure 
I can trust those dates to be a representation of what actually happened 

Since I'm a CentOS newbie and no one else seems to be all that worried, 
I'm thinking that I might be making a big fuss over nothing.  (And 
please do tell me if I am.)

I have clients that would be calling me if they have problems, but I'm 
not running any nuclear power plants or anything.

Anyway, thanks for making this distro possible.