[CentOS] Looking for kernel 2.6.11 source rpm

Sun Feb 26 00:14:33 UTC 2006
Chris Mason (Lists) <lists at masonc.com>

Chris Mauritz wrote:
> If you're going to "break" things...  8-)  You might want to just head 
> over to kernel.org and get virgin source and do things the old 
> fashioned way.  Personally, Johnny and the others have made the yum 
> packaging so convenient that I haven't had to do this in quite some 
> time.  Is there some particular reason why you need a bleeding edge 
> kernel or did you just want to try it out for shizzles and giggles?
Beleive me, if there was no reason to do this, I would be so happy. I 
have used Centos 4.2 for a shorewall firewall with the intention of 
using it for Multi-ISP. I had a M0n0wall firewall on a Soekris 4801 with 
a CF card, works like a dream, but only for one ISP. I need to divert 
traffic onto an ADSL feed, so I needed a Multi-ISP firewall.
What I didn't know was, Centos 4.2 does not work for this. It lacks the 
Connmark and Policy match patches for netfilter and iptables. Oh well, 
time to roll up the sleeves and learn kernel patching.
My wife wants to know why I don't just get a General...

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