[CentOS] Bandwidth limiting and shaping

Mon Feb 27 20:25:15 UTC 2006
Dan Pritts <danno at internet2.edu>

On Mon, Feb 27, 2006 at 10:57:29AM -0300, Oliver Schulze L. wrote:
> Wow, thanks for that link.
> The soekris hardware look very interesting.
> So, having a soekris hardware or a PC as a your router
> allows you to shape both NICs? The Internet NIC and
> your Intranet NIC?

Yup.  Be aware though that the shaping you do is OUTBOUND.
This is fine for your uplink, it's what you want.

It won't solve all potential problems with your downlink - 
the fact that you shape before things get to the end station
is useful, but if the stream isn't using TCP it won't stop
your downlink from getting hammered.
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