[CentOS] Upgrade of Centos 4.1 with 4.2 ISO disc

Mon Feb 27 22:33:45 UTC 2006
BRUCE STANLEY <bruce.stanley at prodigy.net>

Jim Smith <jim_smith2006 at yahoo.com> wrote:  

> >
> >> 'yum -y update' will update your system to 4.2. No need to
> >>upgrade/install.
>  Ever tried that over a 56k dial up?  That's why I would rather 
>  ( if possible ) use the 4.2 ISO disc.

Perhaps you should have stated the obvious necessary info in the
beginning. Where did you get the 4.2 discs as they are too large to
download? Bought em?

  No, I am able to down load RPM fiels or ISO files on my PC at work
  and then burn them to a CD for use at home.  We have very high
  speed connects here at work.  The problem is getting the 
  changes to my home system.

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