[CentOS] One Cooperation invited from China

Mon Jul 10 12:07:44 UTC 2006
looks <looks at 263.net>

Dir Sirs/Madams,

How do you do!

Please allow me introduce myself. My name is Yang  Wenqing, I am from POLY high-technology company. My company focuses on technology support service and software promotion application for Linux software. We have army background. I used to promote TurboLinux software in SI in 2000. After that, I worked in LessonMaster Software Company for promotion Red Hat Linux software. At that time, our teamwork charged in connecting with Red Hat Company, and made product into disks. Furthermore, we designed package and provide online support service for the product. From 7.x to last year, we produced many versions of Fedora Linux, and sold them into Chinese software stores through our distribution network. I am very proud that we are the earliest ones to distribute Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Our great team does excellent work for making it so popular among Chinese users. From last year on, Red Hat cancelled our agency qualification, but for what we have done for this product, no body can deny. 

Now my POLY high-technology company markets Linux software, and provide technology support service for Linux users who could not affordable but still use Linux software. We have customer including army, government, .COM, media companies like CCTV, and some production companies. 

Please let me introduce our promotion project briefly. Hope that will help you could understand us much. At first, we made Linux package product and let me easier to sale into Chinese market. As I mentioned, Red Hat Company didn’t not have its own company in China at that time. So we edited a serial number creation data system to let users identify their status. We also did 5X8 phone support service for Professional Red Hat Linux personal version, and some spot service for users came into our company for problem solution. We sold this product at 68RMB, which was a reasonable price for Chinese market. We made same price level for Fedora Linux series product. We sold Red Hat personal version more than 10,000 copies, even more than 100,000 copies. Though we can sale Fedora Linux more than 10,000 copies, we don’t think this product is very suitable for most population. We are afraid our users will give up use Fedora Linux because they would think this product itself has lots of problems. For that reason, we are looking for some replacement product. We think CentOS Linux is a very good product, we want to cooperate with your company to make popular in China. 

We have confidence that we could make profit from this cooperation, which is a win-win situation for both of us. We could transmit money from revenue to your company as some kind of donation. Meanwhile, we hope your company could entitle us to market Linux Software as general distributor in mainland China. As you know, our company has focused on Linux business for many years. We have excellent team and have already got great success for it. We have capability to market and promote it in Chinese market. Meanwhile, if there are many companies engage in same product, they will have price competition with each other. That will make companies could not survive after that. So, we hope your company could authorize us as a exclusive distributor to sale and market your product to share our resources and Chinese sales network. 

We are looking forward to cooperating with your company! We very appreciate to receive your response! 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best Regards.
Beijing PolyWin Technology Co., Ltd        杨文清 GM
Address:27th Floor,Tower B,ChaoWaiMen Office Building,No.26
        Chaowai Avenue,ChaoYang District,Beijing 100020,China
Tel:(8610)8565 5555 ext.850
Fax:(8610)8565 5518
Email:yangwenqing at polytele.com  looks at 263.net
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