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Mon Jul 10 12:20:56 UTC 2006
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John, time to take a trip in China? :)

looks a écrit:
> Dir Sirs/Madams,
> How do you do!
> Please allow me introduce myself. My name is Yang Wenqing, I am from
> POLY high-technology company. My company focuses on technology support
> service and software promotion application for Linux software. We have
> army background. I used to promote TurboLinux software in SI in 2000.
> After that, I worked in LessonMaster Software Company for promotion
> Red Hat Linux software. At that time, our teamwork charged in
> connecting with Red Hat Company, and made product into disks.
> Furthermore, we designed package and provide online support service
> for the product. From 7.x to last year, we produced many versions of
> Fedora Linux, and sold them into Chinese software stores through our
> distribution network. I am very proud that we are the earliest ones to
> distribute Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Our great team does excellent
> work for making it so popular among Chinese users. From last year on,
> Red Hat cancelled our agency qualification, but for what we have done
> for this product, no body can deny.
> Now my POLY high-technology company markets Linux software, and
> provide technology support service for Linux users who could not
> affordable but still use Linux software. We have customer including
> army, government, .COM, media companies like CCTV, and some production
> companies.
> Please let me introduce our promotion project briefly. Hope that will
> help you could understand us much. At first, we made Linux package
> product and let me easier to sale into Chinese market. As I mentioned,
> Red Hat Company didn’t not have its own company in China at that time.
> So we edited a serial number creation data system to let users
> identify their status. We also did 5X8 phone support service for
> Professional Red Hat Linux personal version, and some spot service for
> users came into our company for problem solution. We sold this product
> at 68RMB, which was a reasonable price for Chinese market. We made
> same price level for Fedora Linux series product. We sold Red Hat
> personal version more than 10,000 copies, even more than 100,000
> copies. Though we can sale Fedora Linux more than 10,000 copies, we
> don’t think this product is very suitable for most population. We are
> afraid our users will give up use Fedora Linux because they would
> think this product itself has lots of problems. For that reason, we
> are looking for some replacement product. We think CentOS Linux is a
> very good product, we want to cooperate with your company to make
> popular in China.
> We have confidence that we could make profit from this cooperation,
> which is a win-win situation for both of us. We could transmit money
> from revenue to your company as some kind of donation. Meanwhile, we
> hope your company could entitle us to market Linux Software as general
> distributor in mainland China. As you know, our company has focused on
> Linux business for many years. We have excellent team and have already
> got great success for it. We have capability to market and promote it
> in Chinese market. Meanwhile, if there are many companies engage in
> same product, they will have price competition with each other. That
> will make companies could not survive after that. So, we hope your
> company could authorize us as a exclusive distributor to sale and
> market your product to share our resources and Chinese sales network.
> We are looking forward to cooperating with your company! We very
> appreciate to receive your response!
> Thanks.
> Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
> Best Regards.
> Wenqing
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> Beijing PolyWin Technology Co., Ltd 杨文清 GM
> Address:27th Floor,Tower B,ChaoWaiMen Office Building,No.26
> Chaowai Avenue,ChaoYang District,Beijing 100020,China
> Tel:(8610)8565 5555 ext.850
> Fax:(8610)8565 5518
> Mobile;13911561267
> Email:yangwenqing at polytele.com looks at 263.net <mailto:looks at 263.net>
> Http://www.linuxsky.cn <http://www.linuxsky.cn>
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