[CentOS] All screwed up

Tue Jul 25 15:35:28 UTC 2006
Sam Drinkard <sam at wa4phy.net>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Sam Drinkard wrote:
>> Jim Perrin wrote:
>>>> Yep.. looking at /var/log/yum.log now and see what went away.  I don't
>>>> recall having to do all this when I first installed clamav tho.  Seems
>>>> it was just yum install clamav and clamav-server and then it just
>>>> worked.  Hmmmm...  maybe the project folks can tell me where I'm goofy.
>>> Depends. From which repository are you installing clamav?
>> Jim,
>>    I excluded the dag repo so it should be coming from extras or the
>> "official" CentOS repos.  It's not a huge issue, but I don't like things
>> that break that might be functional, especially on the mail server.
> yum list clam*
> that would be a good place to start, make sure you clean the yum
> metadata ( yum clean metadata ), before this. to make sure you get the
> freshest info.
> once you have the list, you can then make a decision on how and what you
> need to install. Clamav's packaging had a bit of a namespace change (
> screwup? ) recently. its possible you are missing something critical due
> to this move.
Thanks Karanbir.  At least I got it all removed.  For some reason, 
installing everything except the clamtk did not solve the problem.  
System does not recognize the clamd service.  I'll dork with it later. 


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