[CentOS] KDE Screen Saver and Centos 4.3

Sat Jul 8 20:38:58 UTC 2006
Jim Perrin <jperrin at gmail.com>

> I sorry that it is too much trouble for you to answer a couple
> of simple questions as posted.

We did answer. It works for us. I have not seen a bug filed for this
at bugs.centos.org, nor has there been a bugreport linked from the
upstream vendor so that we can see what's going on or duplicate your

> I seem to remember that were some major problems introduced
> in Centos 4.2 with xorg and some ATI video cards (which I am using).
> So, it is not a simple thing to just jump into another upgrade as  4.3.

Are we talking the open drivers in the kernel, or the ATI binary drivers?
I've had no problem with kde's screensaver when using nvidia hardware.

> It would also require re-installing various application programs
> that I have running under 4.1,

Why? 4.2 and 4.3 are security updates and bugfixes. It should not
require a reinstall of anything unless the applications you're using
are horribly broken with respect to OS security updates.

> I would like to know first if it is worth my while.

There are security updates involved, so the most obvious answer here
is 'yes', unless there's some pressing reason holding you back.

> The purpose of list like this is to help people when possible
> with even the simplfest of questions.

I'm not sure that's accurate, but I'll assume for the moment that it is.
So far there hasn't been a question. There's been a 'hey does this
work yet?' followed by two 'it works for me' answers. We can't give
you a definite yes because we're not running your setup. Fire up a
test box and check it out for yourself.

> When I worked in Tech Support in the past for two different
> Mini-Computer companies, we were required to support the
> customers even with the simplest of problems.

 When you "worked" is what's key. There's a subtle difference here.
We're not getting paid and we don't work for a company. There is
nothing that says I have to help you, provide accurate information, be
nice, or anything else usually involved with working tech support
(been there, done that, have a resulting permanent distrust for all
users to show for it). I do this to help others in my spare time
because I believe it's the right thing to do. I think you should be
fine if you upgrade. If you choose to not trust that and want
something definite, that's fine too, but don't expect me to continue
helping if you question the answer without showing errors, backtraces,
or valid logic to support your paranoia.

 If you want that sort of hand-holding, buy a RHEL contract, or
purchase support from a 3rd party consultant.

Probably more hostile than it was meant. I was going for more of the
'defined indifference'.

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