[CentOS] KDE Screen Saver and Centos 4.3

Sat Jul 8 22:23:53 UTC 2006
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

> I sorry that it is too much trouble for you to answer a couple
> of simple questions as posted.

your questions have evolved since you posted the first email - and have
been very vague about issues, whatever you asked - were answered.

> I seem to remember that were some major problems introduced
> in Centos 4.2 with xorg and some ATI video cards (which I am using).

have you made the effort to find out what the problem was ? have you
made the effort to find out if it was fixed ? an if it matters, I do run
ATI on more than one machine, and they all work fine.

> So, it is not a simple thing to just jump into another upgrade as  4.3.

You might want to look into exactly what the 4.x release cycle implies.
Start here : http://www.centos.org/modules/smartfaq/faq.php?faqid=34

> It would also require re-installing various application programs
> that I have running under 4.1,

Can you point out some of these applications that worked for you on 4.1
and no longer work on 4.3 ?

> I would like to know first if it is worth my while.

its definitely worth everyones while to run yum updates on their
machines, unless you dont care about security and bugfix's. And if you
have been doing that, you are running 4.3+updates anyway.

> The purpose of list like this is to help people when possible
> with even the simplfest of questions.

you asked a question, and got a reply.

> When I worked in Tech Support in the past for two different
> Mini-Computer companies, we were required to support the
> customers even with the simplest of problems.

Not sure how your statement is even relevant here. However, if you buy a
support contract from someone to support you on CentOS, I am sure they
will do lots of handholding and spoonfeeding as well. Maybe that's a
potential route for you to take ?

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